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Celebrate Free RPG Day with some amazing quickstart guides

Celebrate Free RPG Day with some amazing quickstart guides

It’s here again Free RPG Day 2018!

What is Free RPG Day you ask? Free RPG (Role Playing Game) Day is similar to Free Comic Book Day – visit your local game store and they’ll likely have some free RPG swag and content for you. The day is meant to celebrate the hobby and offer great ways for newcomers to get introduced or veterans to try out new settings or systems.

How is Iron Bean Games participating? We know it can be tough to get into a store on a specific day, so we’re celebrating all weekend!

  • We’ve curated a list below of some amazing free quickstart guides to help you try out a new setting or even give Role Playing Games a try for the first time!
  • Our entire RPG selection (including dice sets) are 10% from now until 11:59pm EDT tomorrow (June 17) use code RPGDAY2018 at checkout
  • Over the next month we’re running some virtual Call of Cthulhu sessions to introduce the game. The details and sign-ups are on our Facebook page

We’d love to hear what you think of these games and any other great finds we should share. Let us know in the comments below.

Happy Free RPG Day!


Infinity Role Playing Game Quickstart

Infinity Role Playing Game QuickstartThis Quickstart gives you an introduction to the 2d20 system, a short adventure, 4 pre-generated characters and an overview of the Infinity universe. This is a sample of the RPG that started it all. Infinity is a popular and amazing sci-fi tabletop skirmish game from Corvus Belli. It’s also spun off an arena combat board game we’re hooked on called Aristeia! The Infinity Role Playing Game was the original brain child that spawned tabletops full of sci-fi themed miniatures simulated futuristic battles across the alien battlefronts of Paradiso and the internecine conflicts of the Human Sphere.


John Carter of Mars Quickstart

John Cart of Mars RPG Quickstart

Modiphius keeps creating games we love. Tales from the Loop is a favorite RPG and we’re excited to bring the tabletop skirmish game Fallout Wasteland Warfare in soon. If you’re like us and missed the John Carter of Mars kickstarter, Modiphius have this quickstart posted to try it out. Based on the series of Barsoom books by Edgar Rice Burroughs (and later made into a pretty great movie) the theme offers a great variant to typical sci-fi and kind of reminds us of Dark Sun from AD&D.

This short FREE Quickstart adventure is designed to allow play­ers to take on the role of heroes from the John Carter of Mars stories as they encounter perilous adventures on Barsoom explore the rules of its 2d20 roleplaying system. 


OneDice Quickstart

OneDice RPG Quickstart

 These Quickstart rules are designed to give a flavour of the game, and to get you playing right away. As well as containing most of the basic rules, this PDF contains an example of play, a short fantasy adventure and a short solo scifi adventure.OneDice is an easy, quick and flexible Role-Playing Game system created by a UK based team, Cakebread & Walton. They’ve created a ton of content on pretty much any setting you’d want to play. We love this system as a great way to introduce role playing games to new players. It really does play with just one dice, a regular 6-sided, meaning you can focus on the story and the fun rather then get hung up in complex rolls.


Dungeon Crawl Classics Quickstart Rules & Intro Adventures PDF

Dungeon Crawl Classics Free RGP Day Quickstart guide

These starter rules were written specifically to introduce judges and players to the DCC RPG system. In some areas, rules have been condensed and simplified. These rules will serve primarily to get characters through their first level 0 adventure and their first level 1 adventure.This great intro to the DCC (Dungeon Crawl Classics) fantasy setting is part of the Free RPG content in stores. You can also pick up from Goodman Games online for just $2USD, which after the exchange (since we’re up in Toronto) is still less expensive than hopping on the bus to go pick it up.

This book includes two adventures! You get the enduring classic Portal Under the Stars 0-level adventure for new players, plus in a flip-book format, an all-new level 1 adventure, Gnole House by Michael Curtis, inspired by the works of Lord Dunsany and Margret St. Clair who first wrote of the creature called the “gnole,” which Gary Gygax later evolved into the better-known gnoll!

Although the rules go up to level 2, for the full DCC experience and play at levels up to 10 or more you’ll want to grab the full Dungeon Crawl Classics Rulebook.


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Thank your Game Master today - it's International GM's Day!

Thank your Game Master today - it's International GM's Day!

 It's March 4th! While my kids did ask to watch Star Wars for the first time, don't get today confused with May the 4th (Star Wars Day). Today is GM's Day (or Game Master's Day, or Dungeon Master's Day). A day to celebrate the amazing storytellers that bring role playing games to life.


Who is a Game Master or Dungeon Master? If you play a tabletop or pen and paper RPG, you know who yours is and should thank them today. For those who don't - think Mike from Stranger Things. Mike created the story his friends were playing as well as the maps and demigorgon they encountered, then guided them through it.


How did GM day start? GM day started in 2002 as a simple message board post by an EN World member Spunkrat. The core idea was to foster a deeper appreciation by players for all the great things their GM's do. This isn't to suggest that players don't appreciate a great GM, but it can hard to show love to someone who just killed off your level 29 Hero. The date, March 4th, also remembers the anniversary of Gary Gygax's passing, the co-creator of Dungeon's & Dragons.


There are a lot of ways you could say thank you. Our suggestion - why not run a game for your GM? Try the role out yourself. There are a lot great Quickstart guides you could pick up. While you may know a setting's rules, the additional info in a Quickstart guide and tips about how to run a game can be very helpful.


Our current top Quickstart picks are:

1. The Haunting - for Call of Cthulhu 7th edition  

2. The Wild Hunt Adventure - for Savage Worlds

3. Conan or the John Carter of Mars Quickstarts from Modiphius


To all the GM's out there - THANK YOU! Thank you for all you do for the hobby, the games and your players. You engage us and entice us to go deeper into the dungeon and try that next big roll. You rock!



Happy Gaming,





Skirmish Miniatures! Kickstarter Games February and March 2018

Skirmish Miniatures! Kickstarter Games February and March 2018
Our favorite kickstarter miniature and skirmish games with campaigns ending the week of February 26 2018. Including games from great puiblishers such as Sandy Peterson and Academy Games.

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Gamify my game playing? I'm in! Here's my 7x7 challenge of 2018

Gamify my game playing? I'm in! Here's my 7x7 challenge of 2018
As 2018 kicks off and I look at all the amazing Kickstarter board games we backed last year, and get excited about the other new release we'll find to bring you - I'm also looking at my own collection and the games I just don't play enough. I've pondered how to balance getting more of these out against all the great new games landing in 2018. Then my social feeds started lighting up with more and more 10x10 (or 5x5, 7x7...etc) challenges

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Thank you for joining our adventure in 2017!

Thank you for joining our adventure in 2017!

As 2017 comes to a close, I’m reflecting on what a great year it’s been. It was this great because of you. I really wanted to pause and say THANK YOU!

2017 is the year Susie and I started our adventure called IRON BEAN Games. It’s the year we started truly disconnecting and playing more table top games than ever. It’s the year I found Guild Ball and kindled a love of miniature gaming. It’s the year we attended our first comic con as a retailer. And it’s the year we started so many great new friendships and connections with amazing gamers and brilliant creators.

It hasn’t always been an easy year, growing our business and growing our young family (of 5, 2 and 1). The stories you’ve shared about your family game night, hilarious rules slip, strategic move or new kickstarter we should check out, kept us energized. Connecting with great creators and designers, talking about their games and ways to bring something new to life, inspired us. This huge community you’ve created and welcomed us to constantly put a smile on our face.

We’re thankful for your support, proud of what we’ve achieved so far and excited about what more 2018 can bring! We’re looking forward to connecting with you more and sharing more new great games to fill your tabletop with.

Happy New Year and Happy Gaming!


Our Holiday Gift and Deal guide!

Is Black Friday your gateway to busy weekends?

It definitely is for me. Not just because of all the holiday shopping. I'm a huge football fan.  Who loves turkey. So I take the day off work and pull the kids from school. We just veg, snack and play, while of course watching all the Thanksgiving Day games. It does also offer some great time for gaming. I finally cleared a workshop table to bust out my new Guild Ball minis and start painting. I also finally bought primer and paints! More on that come.

The couple of days off also gives me a little time to write. I’m sure your inbox this morning exploded with sales messages and your social feed go bombarded with discount codes. Mine did. And if you’re subscribed to our newsletter (thank you), I sent you one too!

It can get to be a lot when you’re looking for a great gift, something hard to find or a great deal. So rather than have you worry about keeping a bunch of emails handy, I collected everything we want to share about Iron Bean Game’s Black Friday Weekend here.


Let's start with the deals

Pretty much the whole store is on sale and will be until Monday night (11pm Eastern). That's 175 board games, role playing games and miniatures! The sale price is listed on the game, plain and simple. Our deals range from about 5-10% off our everyday low retail price. 

Black Friday bonus deals - no codes required - just check our Black Friday - Cyber Monday features collection

  • Magic Maze at $31
  • Zombicide at $73
  • Unique sets such Vikings Gone Wild and Hero Realms with Card Sleeves
  • Bundles with Codenames and Race for the Galaxy
  • Start playing Tales of Equestria RPG or Savage Worlds paired with a 7pc Dice set
  • Infinity and Warmachines are priced to clear
  • Special pricing on all Living Card Games (Android Netrunner, Star Wars and Game of Thrones)

We are also participating in Small Business Saturday. If you’re local to Toronto and choose the local pickup option at checkout you can save an additional 5%. We did have to create a code for that – IBG17SMBSAT **. And you can arrange pick up for a convenient time, it doesn’t have to be on Saturday.


We have a great contest for you win a game too - Spoils of War! Enter the contest here.  


Our new Holiday Game Collections are also gift guides!

While I love customers who browse and ask questions about our games, going through the full collection isn’t for everyone. I crafted a couple of new collections based on who you might be playing with or buying for to give you ideas and highlight some of the best games available right now.

The Holiday Casual Game Night collection highlights great games any group will enjoy. Easy to learn, wonderful themes with fantastic art. Replayable for veteran gamers and really accessible for new or casual players. Plus they all play in about an hour or less. 

The Holiday Family and Kids Favorites collection highlights really fun to play games for families with young kids (6+) into teens. With a healthy mix of co-operation and competition these games are will keep everyone at the table engaged. They can all play in about 30 minutes or less. And you might just get some laughs too. We added KinderPerfect as a great game for parents to unwind with too.

Our Holiday Two Player Game collection is meant to share games that offer captivating play with two, even if they are designed to play with up to 4 or more. As board game gift ideas we selected a range of theme, play style and size to choose from.

This time of year I often get asked about great ideas for Stocking Stuffers or games to give as thank you gifts. So many amazing games do come in small boxes. These games are my go to for quick games on a busy night around a young family. This is a collection I keep posted all the time as our Small Shelf Games Under $30.

The Iron Hot List are some of my absolute favorites games. When GKR comes in you’ll see the Instagram photos of me playing it! These are big, meaty, table filling games, ideally for gaming groups and hardcore gamers. I’d allow two hours or more to play them, with an extra hour just for setup and walking through the rules.


If you’re looking for other recommendations for gifts or have questions about our games and deals, message us on Facebook (use the handy little blue button on the right). If you’ve got suggestions for any of our collections, please leave us a comment down below!

We'd also love to hear what games you're most excited about this holiday season.

Happy Gaming!





** The additional 5% with IBG17SMBSAT is only available to customers who choose local pick up when shopping on Saturday November 25th. If the code appears on orders that require shipping, those orders will be held to resolve local pickup or settle the balance for shipping.


Are you excited for Black Friday 2017? We Are!

Are you excited for Black Friday 2017? We Are!

While Black Friday brings amazing sales, has spawned sibling days in Small business Saturday and Cyber Monday; and offers shoppers chase to finish a big chunk of their holiday shopping – the weekend starts with something so much better. Thanksgiving (AKA American Thanksgiving). While we’re proudly Canadian, over the years we’ve adopted the Thanksgiving holiday and made it our own for pure family time. December can get busy with office parties, friend or neighbor drop in, and family gatherings. Thanksgiving landing near the end of November gives us a chance for kick off the season more intimately. I’m also a huge football fan, so taking a day off to watch the games is an added bonus. We usually head out in the morning with kids, watch football through the day and get the Swiss Chalet festival Specials for dinner (because, yes, we are THAT Canadian). The rest of the weekend includes getting out our Christmas decorations, shopping, and of course culminating in the Grey Cup on Sunday night!

While we will also be doing some holiday shopping this BFCM weekend (new acronym I’ve learned for Black Friday – Cyber Monday); we’re really excited to share the weekend with you through Iron Bean Games. We’re working through our plans and offers now to be ready, and making sure we’ve got enough copies of those hot titles for you. If you’re like us and start your Black Friday shopping prep now, he’s a sneak peek at what we’ll have going from Black Friday right through the weekend to Cyber Monday.

  1. Great deals – a no brainer – the whole store (except pre-orders) will be on sales.
  2. Daily door/keyboard/monitor crashers – we’ll highlight a few amazing games each day with something beyond our holiday weekend pricing.
  3. Bundles and Sets – We know shipping charges aren’t everyone’s favorite so we’ll have deals on game bundles and sets to help start or build a new collection. Getting more games through our flat rate shipping.
  4. Something special for our subscribers – if you’re signed up to our newsletter before November 19 you’ll receive a note about some special deals for you that week.
  5. We will over communicate – We’ll be sharing our deals on Facebook and Twitter through the weekend so you’ll see more posts from us than usual. We’ll also send emails out to kick off the weekend and each day with our deals. After the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend we’ll ease back to our regular schedule.
  6. We have one more surprise coming the week leading up to our Black Friday sale. Details will get posted here on our blog that week.

We can’t wait to share more with you and hope you’re able to pick up that game you’ve been eyeing. Over the weekend if you can’t find your title or something is already sold out, email us and we’ll see how we can help.

Happy Gaming until then.

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When we weren't gaming in August, or September, or October...

When we weren't gaming in August, or September, or October...
It's obviously been a while and there's lots to share! We've been getting more into Kickstarters, Print 'n Plays; cracked open two amazing new board games; looking for shows to connect with you at and planning our Black Friday weekend.

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Kickstarter roundup - Our picks for late August and early September

Kickstarter roundup - Our picks for late August and early September

It's been a great summer for gaming! While we're soon to say goodbye to summer, it's had some amazing gaming moments. Kingdomino winning the Spiel Des Jahres and GenCon 50 being two big highlights. As we head into the end of a board game summer 2017 and into early fall there are some fantastic quick play, card based, storytelling games funding on Kickstarter. Here are our picks that wrap up in the next week or so. And I know it's tough think about it now, but with the delivery dates planned for some, they might just be your new winter favorite board games!



Final Boss: The Card Game from Rafael Gonzalez
Ends August 27 – Funded - Why we love it: Quick play (~20 mins) - player options from solo up to 6 - win by victory points - play co-op or competitive - awesome video game theme - sharp card art - we expect it's hilarious. Core pledge is €21. 1-6 players, 15+, 20 mins. Campaign details here. 


Itchy feet the travel game kickstarter

Itchy Feet: The Travel Game from Malachi Ray Rempen
Ends August 30 – Funded - Why we love it: Unique design - designed for travelers - game cards are marked to double as playing cards - comes with postcards - sized for light travel - easy to learn, easy to share - Canadian co-designed. Core pledge $24USD ($5USD Print N Play). 2-6 players, 9+, 10-40 mins. Campaign details here.


Enchanters kickstarter board card game

Enchanters from Gindie-LudiBooster
Ends August 31 – Funded - Why we love it: Quests and crafting in one - build your own gear and upgrade character gameplay - we're a mage at heart - tons of depth without being complex - all the unlocked stretch goals (new cities) add a lot to the game. Core pledge is $39USD. 2-4 players, 14+, 30-60 mins. Campaign details here.


Dark Masts: A Dead Seas card game kickstarter

Dark Masts: A Dead Seas Card Game from Roger Ogre
Ends September 6 – 54% funded - Why we love it: Head-to-Head action - unique fantasy/high sea mix - heavy combat focus - centered on weakening and defeating your opponents base(ship) rather than their heroes - fast paced. Core pledge is $30USD. 2 player, 20-30 mins, unknown. Campaign details here.


Gauntlets and Goblins kickstarter storytelling game

Gauntlets & Goblins from Ian Gibson
Ends September 9 – 40% funded - Why we love it: Light and fun RPG - play with kids to help introduce the game style and concept - gives you all the tools to play out a great story - leaves the storytelling all up to you. Core pledge is $30USD ($15 Print N Play). Our guess: 2-5 players, 30 mins+, 6+. Campaign details here.

Kickstarter roundup - our picks for early August

Kickstarter roundup - our picks for early August

We love new board games and RPGs (role playing games), especially if it means supporting new game designers. We’ve been backing games for a while and thought it was time to share our picks each month. August is an exciting month with GenCon 50 is around the corner. Before it arrives there are some amazing new games already showcased, with Kickstarter campaigns ending this week! Here are our favorite Kickstarter board games and Kickstarter RPGs for early August 2017.

Star Scrappers cave-in Kickstarter board game

Star Scrappers: Cave-in from Hexy Studio
Ends August 8 – Funded - Why we love it: Sci-Fi theme with a unique story arc – amazing art and card graphics – win by victory points – accelerating pace as you play. Core pledge is $25 USD. 2-4 players, 12+, 60 mins. Campaign details here.


Out of the Woods Kickstarter card board game
Out of the Woods from American McGee
Ends August 17 – 80% Funded – Why we love it: Hauntingly beautiful yet dark art – brings a new take on classic storylines – horror themed game that plays in quick rounds. Core pledge is $25 USD. 2-4 players, age and time unknown. Campaign details here.


Firelight Kickstarter rpg one-shot rpg
Firelight: The Questing Card Game (RPG) from HobbyHorse Games, LLC
Ends August 8 – Funded – Why we love it: It makes RPGs more accessible – it packs great storytelling into a card based game – plays as a one-shot rpg in a 60 to 100 minute sitting. Core Pledge is $30 USD. 2-4 players, age unknown, 60-100 minutes. Campaign details here.

Sakura kickstarter board game a-games
Sakura from A-Games (publishers of Ave Roma)
Ends August 15 – Funded – Why we love it: Cool mechanic of paying supporter cards to change game play – easy to learn and play – gorgeous cherry blossom card art. Core Pledge is €20. 2-6 players, 10+, time unknown. Campaign details here.

Spire RPG Kickstarter rpg
Spire RPG from Grant Howitt
Ends August 15 – Funded – Why we love it: The theme – city-bound fantasy horror – tons of story and character depth – straightforward D10 system. Core pledge is £15. 3+ players, age and time unknown. Campaign details here.

Must mentions
A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game from CMON
Ends August 14 – Funded – With a popular publisher and popular theme it was going to be a hit. Classic style tabletop wargaming with unit formations and massive armies. Campaign details here.

A song of Ice & Fire tabletop miniature wargame cmon game of thrones got

Star Realms: Frontiers by Robert Dougherty (White Wizard Games)
Ends August 9 – Funded – Another really popular title and publisher, Frontiers is both a stand alone game and expansion for Star Realms. Backers get access to tons of add-ons from the other White Wizard titles too. Campaign details here.

Star Realms Frontiers Kickstarter card game expansion