When we weren't gaming in July

When we weren't gaming in July

What's new with us?

Well, we're finally dry! We had a rainy July in Toronto and this is our first clear weekend of the season. While we love to get outside in the summer, all that rain was pretty relaxing. And who doesn't love some rainy day board games? We played a few rounds of Hero Realms and A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. The kids go to was Candy Land.

July did see us gaming a fair bit. We also got some downtime to keep enhancing our store and find new features for you. We're really excited to share our new look with you. The new store layout (coming this week) offers quicker access into our collections, games with Kickstarter bonuses, Pre-Orders, and Guild Ball; while keeping highlights of new arrivals on our homepage. We also added a restock notification. You can request a restock email directly from the game's page and be the first to know when it's back in our store.

As we start planning our fall collections we've also got some great end of summer (yes it's almost back to school) and flash sales planned in August. We'll give you a heads up a few days before they go live if you're signed up to our newsletter or following our social feeds. Which reminds us - THANK YOU! We're building an amazing community together. Thank you to all our great followers for your engagement and welcome to all our new friends. Together our community is over 700 strong on Twitter, over 300 on Instagram and 200 followers on Facebook.

So what have we been playing?

We mentioned we did fair bit of gaming in July. We're BIG Game of Thrones fans (have you been watching?). In anticipation of the final season this summer we broke out A Game of Thrones: The Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games. We like how game play was built off the main theme of the of the books (and show) - vying for power; and there are multiple ways to acquire it and win. Our full review is up on our blog from last week

We didn't get to Guild Ball as much as we had hoped. However there's no shortage of great reads through the Steamforged forums and reddit. We've been looking at the different guilds and tried some of the models in mini games (3v3) using the print and play content from Steamforged. We're leaning towards the Alchemist Guild with a couple of Union Guild ringers, but need a few more play-throughs. The experience inspired us to try out some Kickstarter board game print and plays. We'll post pics on our social feeds and let you know what we think. If we get in enough play-throughs with those we'll get a reviews up too. 

Keep having an amazing gaming summer and watch for our upcoming end of summer sales in a few weeks.

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  • Karen Hamilton - August 06, 2017

    We love gaming outside in the summer, but we have to be careful of the wind. Our favourite outdoor summer games are Carcassonne, Qwirkle, Martian Dice and Zombie Dice. If it’s not too windy and there are only two of us, Jaipur and Lost Cities come to the table.

  • Umut C - August 05, 2017

    I love GoT too. And one of my favourite games is Game of Thrones 2nd Edition. You should try that too if you didn’t.

  • Jeffrey b - August 05, 2017

    excellent blog. and thanks for the reviews. Always help to see info on new games. thanks

  • Trey LaCaze - August 05, 2017

    Love GoT

  • ThicHarambe - August 05, 2017

    Love the content and games keep up the gr8 work, and always remember that Harambe loves you!

  • Rick May - August 05, 2017

    I’d almost…almost…like to dive into the second edition of AGoT the Card game. If it was fairly self contained I think I would, but I’m not a fan of chasing the multitude of expansion packs ?

  • Donald Wayman - August 05, 2017

    Rainy weather just means better reasons for playing games.

  • Scott - Iron Bean Games - August 04, 2017

    Hi Emmitt Nervend – I haven’t played Arkham Horror but I can image with some games you’d hit that. We haven’t found that with GoT, yet at least. The base game comes with 8 factions so there’s lots of options to play and build a strategy around before adding expansion packs.

  • Scott - Iron Bean Games - August 04, 2017

    Hi Jason Fischbach – it does standalone from the show or books. The game play doesn’t need you to know the charactors although it does add to the storyline if you do. I feel like not knowing the show or books leaves you unhindered in your strategy. Each house has a persona in the show that I’ve noticed will influence people’s play style.

  • Scott - Iron Bean Games - August 04, 2017

    Hi Spaz_88. We did. Felt like the full game. I would recommend getting at least 65lb card stock. We used 20lb regular printer paper. It’s hard to shuffle and hard to pull new cards or tiles off stacks.

  • Trevor - August 04, 2017

    It’s gonna be great!

  • Kevin Tam - August 04, 2017

    Cool game, havent tried anything with GoT theme yet.

  • Emmitt Nervend - August 04, 2017

    I am always wary of LCGs. The Arkham Horror one felt like there wasn’t enough content in the base game for the cost, like downloading a mobile game, getting to play for 3 minutes before the “Pay $$$ to speed up this timer so you can play more of our game!” message pops up.

  • Yong Z - August 01, 2017

    I love the GOT card game!

  • E - August 01, 2017

    Haven’t tried GoT game yet; but GoT Risk is awesome!

  • afpabon - August 01, 2017

    I’ve got to try the GoT card game!

  • Jason Fischbach - July 31, 2017

    How well do you think the GOT game stands on its own if you don’t watch the show?

  • Craig P - July 31, 2017

    Never tried the GoT LCG, may give it a go once I’ve cleared my pile of shame

  • xmus_ - July 30, 2017


  • Natty Peterkin - July 30, 2017

    Cool blog, and the GoT card game sounds fun!

  • keitaro73 - July 30, 2017

    I will have to check out the Game of Thrones card game, thanks.

  • SpaZ_88 - July 30, 2017

    I’ve been wondering about trialling some print and play games too – I keep wondering if it’s worth the effort but it sounds like you had a good experience!

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