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Western Legends A Fistful of Extras kickstarter box

Western Legends: Fistful of Extras

  • $28.95

Want some extra goodies to help create your legend in the sandbox tabletop game Western Legends? The Fistful of Extras box includes  20 stretch goals from the original Kickstarter campaign.

  • Publisher: Kolossal Games
  • Number of Players: 2-6
  • Gaming Time: 60-90 mins
  • Suggested Age: 14+
  • BoardGameGeek Rating: 7.9
  • Complexity (BGG Weight): 3.0/5

    Fistful of Extras is not a standalone game. A copy of Western Legends base game is required to play.  

    The Good, The Bad and The Handsome expansion for Western Legends adds 3 new characters - Judge Roy Bean, Butch Cassidy or Joaquin Murrieta. Along with 16 new story cards, 12 new legendary items and a dozen new goals.

    Expand your games of Western Legends with Ante Up, adding even more characters, items and a new town to explore by locomotive!



    • 6 New Legends with goals - Pearl Hart, Belle Starr, Isom Dart, Allan Pinkerton, Buffalo Bill Cody, and Bat Masterson
    • 20 New Story cards
    • 18 New Item cards
    • 6 New Player miniatures
    • 1 Cloth token bag