Long Live the Queen - Dieselpunk Edition (Import)

  • $39.49

2 players     14+     30 min.

Long Live the Queen is a dynamic tactical game for two players caught in a dangerous struggle for power and prestige!

Originally published in Japan in a very small print run, Long Live the Queen is a quick yet engaging game with no downtime, a tug-of-war where you must constantly outmaneuver your opponent with bold tactical moves, within an expected playing time of 30 minutes. 

This edition is the Ludicreations remastering brought to life through Kickstarter. Also available in a Classic Anime Edition.


In the dark bowels of the criminal underworld of Axia, the "Queen," mother protector of those living at the fringe of society, is no more.

Seeking to succeed her and become the new Queen are the leaders of the two most ruthless syndicates: The White Rose and The Black Rose. 

Which will prevail, and how? Will prestige and influence be enough, or will it take more direct, dangerous measure?