Mortician Starter Set (Obulus, Cosset, Graves) (Minor Box Damage)


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They say that form is temporary; class is forever. The Morticians may not have a lot of class but it feels like they have been peddling their peculiar mix of malice and tradition forever. Armed with the experience earned from decades on the pitch, playing against the Deadheads can be an exercise in frustration as teams find themselves demotivated and inexplicably surrendering the ball. 
If mind games are your stock in trade then the Morticians Guild have a coaching role for you. Through Obulus you will be controlling not only your own team but also that of your opponent; in Grave and Cosset you have the power and the means to quickly finish those that your insidious captain moved into position. 
This set provides you with all you need to start playing the Mortician's Guild. To play a full game of Guild Ball a Core Rulebook for Guild Ball or the Kick Off! Starter Set are also required to play.
This box set contains:
• 1X Metal 30mm Obulus (Captain) Model
• 1X Metal 30mm Cosset Model
• 1X Metal 30mm Graves Model
• 1X Metal 30mm Ball Token
• Stat Cards for each model

Warning, not a toy! Not for use by children under three years old. Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted.