Quodd Heroes

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Platform video game meets tabletop miniatures game in a completely original tabletop board game experience.  It is like nothing you've ever seen or played! A new tumble mechanism adds a lot of variation and fun to the gameplay. The scenario book and map tiles create a lot of replayability, you could event start designing your own scenarios!

  • Publisher: Wonderment Games
  • Number of Players: 1-6
  • Gaming Time: 30-90
  • Suggested Age: 14+
  • BoardGameGeek Rating: 8.6
  • Complexity (BGG Weight): 2.83

    Kickstarter Edition Exclusives:

      • New Hero - Nim: Air Elemental - includes 2 miniatures, player board, skills and upgrades
      • New Hero - Ember: Fire Elemental Character - includes 2 miniatures, player board, skills and upgrades
      • New Hero - Mizu: Water Elemental Character - includes 2 miniatures, player board, skills and upgrades
      • New Hero - Aard: Earth Elemental Character - includes 2 miniatures, player board, skills and upgrades
      • First Player marker upgraded to a plastic miniature
      • Omni-Rune Card - This powerful rune card replicates multiple other rune and lets you choose between building the following: a wall, Tunnel, Teleporter, Spring, or Cannon. You can also rotate as a board.
      • Foil World Event Deck - An exclusive premium foil version of the world event deck which will include any world events unlocked.
      • Social Butterfly Pet Card - KS exclusive pet card added to the deck
      • Selfie Stick Item Card - KS exclusive item card added to the deck


    Become an astounding cube-shaped character that moves by tumbling and has a different skill assigned to each face of its cube-shaped body. Then, mix in incredible ability upgrades, a fantastic array of power-ups, devices, pets and ancient powerful runes. Finally, choose one of the many different scenarios to setup your adventure and you're ready for action and mayhem in the beautiful, dangerous, and unpredictable world of Quoddria!

    Quodd Heroes is a fast-paced modular, scenario-based adventure board game system that plays like a combination of Super Smash Bros., Mario Cart and Legend of Zelda all wrapped into one. Whether it’s a simple point-to-point rally-style race, capture the flag or a quest to uncover hidden secrets each game is filled with unexpected events, lots of player interaction, ever-changing boards and a dash of mayhem.

    The core mechanism in Quodd Heroes is something you’ve never seen before. Each player controls a different cube-shaped character miniature and player board. You then assign a different movement skill to five of the six sides of your character (the sixth side has an ability unique to your character). When you begin the movement phase on your turn you “tumble” your character into an adjacent space and perform the movement skill associated with the face-up side of your character. Skills include: Tumble, Jump, Slide, Diagonal Slide, and Dash.


    A hefty box of gaming goodness, here’s all the core content:

    • 5 Different Character Miniatures (2 of each character, 1 for play and one as a game aide / reference
      • Including the Kickstarter Exclusive Pinky character
    • 5 cardboard player mats (1 for each character)
    • 25 "skill tiles" - 3mm thick (5 for each character)
    • 35 Upgrade tiles - 3mm thick (5 for each character)
    • 15 Acrylic crystal miniatures in 3 different colors.
    • 6 Large double-sided game boards (core box)
    • 100+ 3mm thick tokens for use on the game boards including, tunnels, trap doors, walls, teleporters, crystals, switches, springs etc.
    • 80+ Card Premium Ivory-Core exploration deck featuring more than 38 unique cards in five different types.
    • 1 custom engraved direction die
    • 1 custom engraved D6
    • 20+ Ivory Core World Event cards

    Moving Platforms Expansion:

    • 1 large double sided game board
    • 12+ smaller moving platform boards
    • 12 platform direction tokens
    • New Scenarios

    Stretch Goal Unlocks:

    • Core upgrade - New Scenario - Mini-Campaign Tutorial Scenario. Learn how to play while exploring many of the ways to play Quodd Heroes
    • Core upgrade - Mayor Trixie - Includes 2 miniatures, player board, skills and upgrades
    • Core upgrade - Sheep Tokens - These sheep have a mind of their own and will wander around, push players, and generally make a nuisance of themselves. Watch out...some of them are quite evil!
    • Core upgrade - Captain Zozo - Includes 2 miniatures, player board, skills and upgrades
    • Core upgrade - 3 New World Events - 3 additional world event cards are added to the World Event deck
    • Core upgrade - Double sided player boards - all player boards upgraded to enable a new game mode
    • Core upgrade - Cannon Rune Cards and Tokens - The are tokens that fire other tokens as projectiles creating a number of fun game effects, and moving objects on the board.
    • Core Upgrade - Overlord Deck - the overlord deck is a custom 20 card deck of amazing power that enables 1 vs All game types where players battle a single all-powerful opponent character. Are you prepared to take on the Overlord, or become one?
    • Core Upgrade - Bombzooka - New weapon card
    • Core Upgrade - 5 Variable power food cards
    • Core Upgrade - sheep launcher item cards
    • Core Upgrade - Co-op scenario, players vs the environment
    • Core Upgrade - 5 Variable power rune cards
    • Core Upgrade - 2 Crystal-powered item cards
    • Core Upgrade - Board Accessories Pack - additional tokens and accessories to enhance solo play
    • Core Upgrade - 1 new double sided map

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