Dreamwars - Retail Edition

Royal Art Games

$54.99 $68.49

Retail Edition of a recent Kickstarter, does not include KS Stretch Goals.

1-8 players     14+     60-120 min.

Dreamwars is a 1 to 8 players boardgame set in an original steampunk fantasy setting with a strong horror vibe, where technology coexists side by side with the ancient discipline of the Canto, a forbidden reality-shifting art fuelled by desire.

Dreamwars draws from the classics of literature, while also adding a unique and rich setting, a simple set of rules and dozens of captivating scenarios that provide the game with an outstanding replay value. Each game is part of a non-linear story where the Heroes will have to face hordes of nightmarish creatures in order to prevent their monstrous masters from fulfilling their plans. During the course of each game the Heroes have the chance to grow and learn new abilities, explore the territory and discover forgotten treasures and terrible secrets

Each adventure in Dreamwars is called an “Ordeal”: these are modular and multi-branched narrative campaigns, each telling a unique story that the players are called to unfold. Ordeals are divided into scenarios, making it possible to suspend and the resume the game easily. Beating or failing each scenario determines how the game will continue. There is no actual “losing” a game of Dreamwars.

The game is essentially made of three components: narrative campaigns, fierce fights against nightmarish creatures and mysterious discoveries waiting to be made. The unique unlockable abilities, crazy equipment cards and the wide variety of Allies and Mercenaries allow you to shape and play your Hero the way you want. The game is designed to reach a potential of almost 500 hours of play.

The world of Dreamwars is waiting for you, just be careful what you wish for…