Fear Agent for Savage Worlds (Collector's Full Game Bundle)

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Immerse yourself in the full  Fear Agentexperience! This bundle includes everything you need to play and run a campaign - including the core rules (in softcover), a GM screen and Fedding Time adventure.

Based on the amazing comic series by Rick Remender, Tony Moore, and Jerome Opeña, the Fear Agent™ Roleplaying Game is a pulp scifi setting for Savage Worlds with more twists than an episode of the Twilight Zone!

After Earth is devastated by an interstellar war between two alien races, the few surviving members of humanity are dragged kicking and screaming into a complex galaxy of terror and adventure they didn’t even know existed.

Fortunately—or maybe unfortunately, we told you there are some twists—Texan Heath Huston bands together with others of his ilk to form the Fear Agents, a ragtag collection of survivors intent on revenge.

What happens next? Well, that’s up to you, the newest recruits in what is almost certainly a suicide mission. But it will be one hell of a ride!

Inside the whopping 192 pages of the Fear Agent™ RPG, you’ll find:

  • Heath, Mara, Charlotte, and all the other main characters from the comics statted out for Savage Worlds
  • New Edges and Hindrances to flesh out your post-apocalyptic booze hounds, space jockeys, and alien exterminators.
  • Rules for spaceships, warp travel, alien worlds, time travel, alternate dimensions, and more
  • A gazetteer of the planets Heath Huston visited during his adventures
  • More alien races and creatures than you can shake a feeder’s tentacles at
  • Plot Point Campaign that builds on the events of the comics, taking the heroes to the ends of the United Systems and beyond
  • Enough Savage Tales to fill a smuggler’s hold
  • A series of flashback scenarios to let your players fight in the Anubis Conflict itself
  • An adventure generator to create a terror-filled universe of encounters


The Game Master Screen for the Fear Agent™ RPG is a tri-fold, landscape style, hardboard GM’s screen that folds to the same dimensions as our books and comes with a complete adventure, Feeding Time!

A Shining, New Hope
The colony on Charamanta represents a new start for humanity, and it’s a much needed bright spot after the horrible losses Earth suffered at the hands of the Tetaldians, Dressites, and Zerin. Charamanta provides a waystation for your crew tens of thousands of light years from home, where they can refuel, grab a beer, and maybe even a good, old-fashioned movie from back home.
Feeding Time contains three adventures spanning the life of the colony from its earliest days as a mere foothold on the frontier of space through its growth to a thriving outpost of more than 15,000 souls. This adventure series also contains all the details on Charamanta from its humble beginnings all the way to–well, later. And if you’re familiar with Fear Agent™, you know very few stories in this universe have happy endings…


This product requires the Savage Worlds core rules to play.

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