Guild Ball Season 3 Rulebook



The Season 3 Rulebook brings you the continuing stories of your favorite players from the world of Guild Ball and the Empire of the Free Cities. Along with updated art and stories, the book features the rules for all Guilds, including the new releases and the all-new Farmer's Guild.

More Guilds
Led by their iconic captain Thresher, the Farmer's Guild is the next Guild to lace up their boots and enter the Big League. These homegrown heroes might be out of their depth though - unlike the other Guilds they'll face, they're undoubtedly the underdogs, with little experience against veteran opponents. With the famous First Lady as their coach and the Solthecian Church taking a renewed interest in the world of Guild Ball, find out how the Farmer's Guild will fare in the face of such opposition!

More Players
Guild Ball uses highly-detailed miniatures to bring the spirit and soul of each player to life on the pitch, with world class sculpts for both painters and gamers. With more than twenty new models hitting the pitch in Season 3, coaches can build their rosters around brand-new strategies and plays.

More Action
Guild Ball models are carefully designed to provide complex synergies, providing a wide range of strategies for their coaches. Guild Ball features a unique system which reflects the natural ebb and flow of momentum during a football match, as well as breath-taking legendary plays and abilities.

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