Hero Realms: Kickstarter Promo Card Pack

White Wizard Games



Hero Realms is a fantasy-themed expandable deck building game that combines the fun of deck building games with the interactivity of trading card game-style combat.

This promo and kickstarter card pack includes 35 cards:

  • Tibus Guild Lord x2 (1 solo and 1 co-op challenge card, instructions on card back)
  • Bjorn, the Centurion (and 4x Legionnaire tokens)
  • Kasha The Awakener (and 4x Zombie tokens)
  • Treasure cards x5 (1 per Character Class - adds to the Character Packs)
  • Valinus, Fire Dragon
  • The Summoning
  • Ren, Bounty Hunter
  • Robbery x2
  • Raiding Party x2
  • Mobia Elf Lord
  • Gorg, Orc shaman
  • Galok The Vile
  • Droga, Guild Enforcer
  • Dragon Fire
  • Devotion x2
  • Crime Spree
  • BloodFang
  • Afterlife x2

These cards are not a complete game and require the Hero Realms base game to play.