Kids Travel Game Box


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the Iron Bean tl:dr - Our Kids Travel Game Box is curated around games with small boxes that are easy pack and easy to play. They are bright and engaging for kids and require minimal table space to play. Mythe includes a pop-up board, while Penny Papers is a roll-and-write, and Warehouse 51 is card based adding variety to how kids will play.


Averaged Rating 6.2
Players 2-5
Age 6+
Playing Time per game 20-45 mins



About These Games - 

Penny Papers Adventures is a series of small strategy games in which all of the players use the same result of three dice to explore a location more thoroughly than their opponents by writing numbers in their grid in an optimal way to make the most victory points out of it. In Skull Island, you want to progress on the map and determine the coordinates that will allow you to discover the most valuable treasures of Skull Island...while simultaneously overcoming its dangers.

In Warehouse 51, players are multimillionaires from across the globe who want to buy these artifacts for their collections, but most of the items have strange paranormal effects that can influence the game, and many of them are fakes...

 The peaceful kingdom of Mythe has been unexpectedly raided by the evil red dragon and his monster companions! The red dragon has taken away the golden Sacred Cheese, the symbol of the kingdom's prosperity and unity, and the fate of the kingdom is now in peril. The brave young heroes of Mythe must now set out on a desperate journey to the dragon's castle and recover the Sacred Cheese!