Mousetrap (reinvention) - Elefun & Friends


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2-3 players     4+     20 min.

Snap the trap and win at Mousetrap! Run through the maze as Sneakers Mouse, Nacho Mouse or Pepper Mouse spins on the cheesy spinner. When one of your friends' mouse is in the cheesy trap area and you land on the right space, you've got a chance to catch them in the zany trap made of Hungry Hippo and Girafalaff contraptions. Keep scurrying and scampering until someone gets caught. If you're the first to trap a mouse, you win!

Game includes 3 mouse figures, gameboard, cheese wedge spinner and base, tub, ladder, tree trunk, banana branch, cheese wedge slide, boot, branch, seesaw log, tree leaves, trap, Hungry Hippo, Elefun brach holder, Jock Croc slide, Chasin' Cheeky trap holdre and Giraffalaff marble stopper, 2 marbles and instructions.