Survive harsh lands and dreadful monsters in an immersive area-control, hand-management eurogame with over 50 high-detail miniatures and dreamlike artwork. A Kickstarter Exclusive game.

  • Publisher: Tabula Games
  • Number of Players: 2-5
  • Gaming Time: 90-120 mins
  • Suggested Age: 14+
  • BoardGameGeek Rating: 8.4
  • Complexity (BGG Weight): 3.5/5
  • Additional Resource: Companion App - search “Mysthea” in the AppStore (iOS) or Google Play (Android) - includes rulebook, game setup, cards reference and Lore

    Discover an ancient planet shaken by bizarre forces, where anomalies bend the laws of physics and new life has evolved in strange ways thanks to the power of mysterious crystals. You are tasked with exploring uncharted lands in this competitive area control and hand-management eurogame.

    In Mysthea, you control a Champion with unique skills. Your goal is to explore five islands floating around the gravitational force of a mysterious crystal.

    The game is a carefully crafted fusion of hand-management and area control, with hefty player customization, asymmetric gameplay and a variable scoring system. The area control aspect of the game is based on a dynamic map that is constantly transforming thanks to player action and choice. The shifting game map means that player strategy has to take into consideration the possibility of change just around the corner, creating a new layer of strategic depth to time tested area-control mechanics.

    This Kickstarter Exclusive Edition includes:

  • 7 Champion miniatures with cards
  • 7 Monster miniatures with cards
  • 20 Golem minis (in 2 poses)
  • 40 Troop minis (in 5 poses)
  • 5 Player guild boards with colored tokens and miniature bases
  • 1 custom tokens bag
  • 6 event cards
  • 5 attunement cards
  • 80 command cards
  • 29 encounter cards
  • 15 game summary cards
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