2-5 players     8+    30-40 min. 

the Iron Bean tl:dr - Oceanos is a fantastic family game with bold, fun artwork, a great player count and plays quick. Each game is quick, playing out over a specific number of turns, and with multiple ways to score points, it will keep everyone engaged.


from the publisher - iello -  Oceanos is a unique drafting game, with deep mechanics, where you discover and collect forgotten treasures in the ocean depths.

As a submarine captain, explore the deep blue in search of rare underwater animal species, forgotten treasures, or priceless pearls! Upgrade sections of your submarine to venture deeper and deeper and score exploration points each turn for the animals you spot and the speed of your vessel. Unearth riches and discover coral reefs to score additional points at the end of the game.

Will your submarine be strong enough to bring your discoveries back to the surface? To find out, start your adeventure!


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