Race for the Galaxy: Xeno Invasion (Expansion 3)

Rio Grande Games


1-5 players     12+     30-60 min.

Rebel vs Imperium is the third expansion for Race for the Galaxy. This expansion adds 5 new world start cards, 46 game cards, and 12 victory point chips. It also includes 9 action cards for a fifth player. As well as expanding your Race for the Galaxy this expansion includes the Invasion Game with: 40 invasion cards, 5 produce cards, 5 invasion summaries, 1 repulse track, 5 admiral disks, 5 bunkers, 21 counters and 25 award chips.


From the Publisher: After settlers encounter a violent xenophobic race, the "Xenos", the galaxy finds itself under assault. Empires must band together to defeat this menace. Can you build the most prosperous and powerful space empire while defending it from the Xeno invasions?

Two expansions in one! Add the new start world cards to begin play immediately. Later, add the bonus Invasion Game and defend against the Xenos as you build your empire.


This is not a standalone product. A copy of Race for the Galaxy core game is required to play.