The Island of El Dorado

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2-4 players     14+     40-80 min.

the Iron Bean tl:dr - The Island of El Dorado is the perfect game for every shelf! With elements of euro, 4X and civilization games – and a play time of about 20 minutes per player – it appeals to board game fans and casual players alike. The game is tile based and players explore the island to create a modular board that is different virtually every time you play. The components are works of art on your table – literally! The game has drawn images from classic masterpieces of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. Settlers of Catan was one of the games the drew us into the hobby and remains a favorite – The Island of El Dorado already feels like a favorite that we’ll be playing a lot! 


from the publisher - Eldorado Games - In The Island of El Dorado, each player is the leader of a civilization seeking to explore the island to control the four ancient shrines. You’ll discover resources, bodies of water, and the shrines themselves in a landscape which is different every single time you play. Build farmhouses and create villagers to gather resources and grow your economy. Occupy strategic locations on the map using forts to defend against the other explorers who seek to control the island before you do. Legend has it the most powerful shrine is hidden inside a cave, but be wary as you enter. The cave is the most dangerous part of the island.

Civilizations will rise and fall as each player explores, gathers, and fights to control the four shrines of El Dorado. The first player to control all four shrines wins the game. They will rule over the island forever and become richer than a king.

This is a First Edition Kickstarter copy. The game components include:

  • 60 wooden meeples (villagers, farmhouses, forts, offerings and a unique meeple for each explorer)
  • 63 hexgaon tiles - including The Torch KS exclusive tile
  • 80 resource cards
  • 3 resin ployresin shrines
  • 5 linen bags
  • 13 custom dice
  • 5 dual sided explorer cards 
  • Rulebook


About the art - The Island of El Dorado is defined by the beautiful artwork which makes up its tiles, resources and characters. Each gameplay element brings a new life and a new application to these masterpieces which were created by some of the most iconic and gifted painters in the history of visual art. Graciously opened to the public domain by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, we consider it an honor and a privilege to apply these works of indescribable beauty, mystery and majesty to the narrative of our game. 

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