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Evolution Climate is realistic. Realistic enough that the game was mentioned in “Nature,” a globally recognized and respected scientific journal. You can definitely see this game as an alternative to a chapter in your child’s science textbook. Evolution Climate is the perfect solution for family gaming with player count ranging between 2 to 6 players. The recommended age limit is 12+, since Evolution Climate is a little more complicated than your average family board game. Still, Evolution Climate is the talk of the dinner table and is rated as one of the hottest board games out now. The main objective of Evolution Climate is to evolve your species in an ecosystem plagued with food scarcity, danger, and climate change. There are more than 200,000 ways to evolve your species. Talk about options! A long neck will allow you to reach food that others cannot, while a hard shell will protect you from carnivores. Fur keeps you warm during hibernation and burrowing keeps you safe from the desert heat. The choice here is the best part of Evolution Climate. You control the destiny of your species during each turn.

Game Kahuna of Opinionated Gamers describes his Evolution Climate experience with gameplay imagery and commentary explaining what he learned from playing the game and feels that competitive players that enjoy strategic thinking will love this one. But be sure not to place judgement on the game based on the first playthrough. Evolution Climate is one of those board games that grow on you and once it does, it will keep growing until it evolves as an enjoyable experience for you. The game truly is educational and certainly not as boring as the monotonous grade school teacher.

Eric from What’s Eric Playing lists 8 advantages players get from playing Evolution Climate. The art is exquisite. The first player token is wonderful. We don’t have enough fingers to count the amount of strategies that can be deployed. Combining traits with different species is super cool. Climate events make players act quick, causing suspense and an interactive experience. The hidden score system keeps other players guessing who’s in the lead. Playtime is reasonable. Last but not least, you get to name the species you create with a vast and creative naming scheme. How refreshing is that?   

Jonathan Liu of Geek Dad shares his two cents by saying that as you recognize the different traits provided during gameplay, you have the ability to sculpt fascinating critters. The great thing is there is no cheat code for the game, meaning that every strategy used can only rent you success for a limited time. Opposing players can’t follow a specific method to gain the upper hand. Instead, players have to work with what they are presented with on the board. Since Evolution Climate is about constantly maneuvering, players will want to ensure that the ecosystem your creature is living within favours its existence.  

What we love most about board games is the table presence and how immersive they can be. Evolution Climate includes super cool features such as:

  •         177 Trait Cards
  •         30 Event Cards
  •         240 Food Tokens
  •         20 Species Boards
  •         40 Wooden Cubes
  •         6 Food Token Bags
  •         1 Climate Track
  •         1 Climate Marker
  •         1 Dino Starter Token
  •         1 Rule Book
  •         2 Player Aids

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