You've got questions, we've got answers! (probably)

Thanks for shopping with us. If you don't find what you need below, drop us an email to or give us a call at 1877-749-3731.


How do I get to know you?

We're so glad you asked! We love connecting with our customers. We've shared why we love what we do on our About Us page

If you'd like to hear about other customer's experiences check out our Google Reviews and our marketplace profile.

Our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages share what's new in store and we're playing. 


I'm looking for a specific game or maybe a specific miniature, can you help me find it?

Absolutely. Send us an email with the details or give us a call. 


I hate shipping fees! Can I come by to pick up my game?

If you’re located in Toronto, send us an email at and we can arrange a local pick up. Like shipping, turn around time is usually 2 days to get games ready for pick up.


I want my game now! But I need it shipped. How much will it cost?

We know paying for shipping is a drag. It is for us too. We've partnered with Canada Post to offer a low rate on their Expedited Parcel service. Our shipping rates are calculated at checkout based on the estimated size and weight of the box to be shipped. Rates are calculated using Canada Post's Expedited Parcel service and the delivery address entered at checkout.




Orders over $200 for Canadian orders in ON, QC, MB, SK 

Orders over $250 in BC, AB or the East Coast


Calculated at Checkout


Shipping to any Canadian address will be calculated at checkout based on the delivery address. The rate is Canada Post’s Expedited Parcel service.




Continental U.S.



  • Orders are picked, packed and shipped usually within two business days of being placed.
  • Canadian delivery time is usually 2-3 business days to ON or QC; the rest of Canada varies by location (typically we see 7-9 business days to get out to Vancouver).
  • Delivery time to the U.S. is typically 6-9 business days.
  • All orders are shipped with a tracking number. We'll send it to you as soon as we've got it.


Wait! You offer free shipping?

Yes! For orders totalling over $200-$250 before tax, and shipping to a Canadian address. 


Can I order some games then have you hold them until I qualify for free shipping?

Yes! We're happy to hold your games and help you build an order.  Please get in touch and we can create a personal checkout for you to order your games without shipping.


What if I don't live in Canada or the continental U.S. and you've got a game I really want?

We'd love to help you get that game! We also ship internationally. Please send us an email ( with your shipping address. We'll find out the cost and let you know before you order.


What about Pre-Orders? 

We'll note the expected arrival/delivery of the game right up front. It's based on what we know, and that can sometimes slip. If you place an order with a pre-order game, we'll hold the whole order to ship together. And pre-orders can be added to games we're holding to help qualify for free shipping.


I grabbed that discount you shared a few weeks ago and I'm trying to use it with the sales code you're running right now. It's not working, what's up?

Ah, technology. Only one discount code can be applied to an order at checkout.  


The box arrived banged up, what if my game got damaged from shipping?

Don't stress about it. We do our best to pack protectively. If you do notice damage, we'll find a way to make it right. Please take a picture of the damage (and the shipping package too, if it was damaged) as soon as you receive your game. Email us the picture and the details ( so we can figure out a solution for you and let our shipping partners know right away.


This new game is great, but I think it's missing a piece and maybe has some production defects. Do you have extra game parts?

Unfortunately not, but the publisher should! Please get in touch with them directly with details of what's missing or defective. If you're having trouble getting in touch with them or getting things resolved, please let us know and we'll jump in to try and help.