Kickstarter roundup - our picks for early August

Kickstarter roundup - our picks for early August

We love new board games and RPGs (role playing games), especially if it means supporting new game designers. We’ve been backing games for a while and thought it was time to share our picks each month. August is an exciting month with GenCon 50 is around the corner. Before it arrives there are some amazing new games already showcased, with Kickstarter campaigns ending this week! Here are our favorite Kickstarter board games and Kickstarter RPGs for early August 2017.

Star Scrappers cave-in Kickstarter board game

Star Scrappers: Cave-in from Hexy Studio
Ends August 8 – Funded - Why we love it: Sci-Fi theme with a unique story arc – amazing art and card graphics – win by victory points – accelerating pace as you play. Core pledge is $25 USD. 2-4 players, 12+, 60 mins. Campaign details here.


Out of the Woods Kickstarter card board game
Out of the Woods from American McGee
Ends August 17 – 80% Funded – Why we love it: Hauntingly beautiful yet dark art – brings a new take on classic storylines – horror themed game that plays in quick rounds. Core pledge is $25 USD. 2-4 players, age and time unknown. Campaign details here.


Firelight Kickstarter rpg one-shot rpg
Firelight: The Questing Card Game (RPG) from HobbyHorse Games, LLC
Ends August 8 – Funded – Why we love it: It makes RPGs more accessible – it packs great storytelling into a card based game – plays as a one-shot rpg in a 60 to 100 minute sitting. Core Pledge is $30 USD. 2-4 players, age unknown, 60-100 minutes. Campaign details here.

Sakura kickstarter board game a-games
Sakura from A-Games (publishers of Ave Roma)
Ends August 15 – Funded – Why we love it: Cool mechanic of paying supporter cards to change game play – easy to learn and play – gorgeous cherry blossom card art. Core Pledge is €20. 2-6 players, 10+, time unknown. Campaign details here.

Spire RPG Kickstarter rpg
Spire RPG from Grant Howitt
Ends August 15 – Funded – Why we love it: The theme – city-bound fantasy horror – tons of story and character depth – straightforward D10 system. Core pledge is £15. 3+ players, age and time unknown. Campaign details here.

Must mentions
A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game from CMON
Ends August 14 – Funded – With a popular publisher and popular theme it was going to be a hit. Classic style tabletop wargaming with unit formations and massive armies. Campaign details here.

A song of Ice & Fire tabletop miniature wargame cmon game of thrones got

Star Realms: Frontiers by Robert Dougherty (White Wizard Games)
Ends August 9 – Funded – Another really popular title and publisher, Frontiers is both a stand alone game and expansion for Star Realms. Backers get access to tons of add-ons from the other White Wizard titles too. Campaign details here.

Star Realms Frontiers Kickstarter card game expansion


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  • Billy Spiva - August 24, 2017

    Personally, I like Sakura. It looks like a simple and fun game with beautiful artwork.

  • Nathaniel - August 23, 2017

    Awesome roundup. Thanks!

  • Dan D - August 11, 2017


  • Greg Turner - August 10, 2017

    Star realms looks good.

  • Takoyaki - August 10, 2017

    Good art!

  • CBG - August 10, 2017

    I also backed Star Realms. Can’t wait!

  • KosherX - August 10, 2017

    I’m here just for the big prize.

  • Melissa Cardenas - August 09, 2017


  • Gun Coaty - August 08, 2017

    Glad to see R&D constantly bringing out new ideas.

  • Michael Shea - August 08, 2017

    Some Awesome Games, Thanks

  • DJHaak - August 08, 2017

    Interesting group

  • Matt H - August 08, 2017

    Looks like lots of good games.

  • Toni J - August 07, 2017

    I used to play a card game from Japan with my Grandfather called Sajura, wonder if it similar… also called Hanafuda.

  • Ronnay - August 07, 2017

    Sakura looks very interesting. And has a lot of KS add ons. Going to take a better look!

  • JamesL - August 07, 2017

    I backed Star Realms….I just couldn’t help myself…..

  • Josh Willhite - August 06, 2017

    Can’t wait, thanks for covering these!

  • gnugeek - August 06, 2017

    Thanx for keeping us updated.

  • Jared H. - August 06, 2017

    Love this, always have trouble trying to figure out what games are worth it on Kicckstarter. Thanks!

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