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Machi Koro joins other board games designed by Legacy game designer, Rob Daviau, with Machi Koro Legacy. Test your luck with the dice as you compete with between two to four players (age 10+) to become the mayor in the world of Machi Koro and see who can develop the city the best.

The gameplay stays the same as the base Machi Koro - roll the dice to stock up on coins, build new buildings, and eventually make monuments. But as a legacy game, Machi Koro Legacy presents a campaign to play over ten games. Each new game changes adds more mechanics to the game to give a twist. And once you’re done, players can continue playing a “freeplay” mode that resembles the last game of the campaign.

We've loved playing Machi Koro as a family. It's a great light casual game to play with friends to take for a weekend away. The kids have really enjoyed it too. Admittedly they were drawn to the bright playful artwork first. Once they played a game or two they really got into building their town, earning revenue and being able to buy more! The bonus is that its been a fun way to sneak some math practice in for our grade-schooler too. The legacy version still gives us all this great gameplay, and now we get to customize the game as a family.  Plus there are new elements introduced, not seen int eh base game. We've only played a few rounds as of this writing, and we're keen to see what happens net and unlock even more. 

We expect the original to still keep a place on our shelf so we can change up which game we play for variation in the buildings. Machi Koro Legacy though is moving into a top spot for family game night. And don;t just take our word for it, it's got great reviews from other board gamers too.

Tom Vasel from the Dice Tower goes over the gameplay, components, and more in his spoiler-free review of Machi Koro Legacy. “There are other legacy games... that you can technically play when you’re done, but it’s not the same,” Vasel says. He comments that unlike other legacy game, you can create a “customizable version” of Machi Koro Legacy and - if you do it right - undo the changes so you could play the first ten games again. A lot of the mechanics, whether they add new cards or tweak some mechanics, all add more strategy, more nuanced choices, and, of course, more fun to the game past the first ten games.

The Rat Hole and David Chapman talk about their experience with the game, summing up his thoughts with an “I loved every minute of it.” Chapman mentions the story, and compares it to binge-watching. With every game lasting 30 to 45 minutes, it really feels like binge-watching when you play through the ten-game campaign. And with luck being pretty insignificant, according to Chapman, each game can lead to fun and tense competition.

If you want a quick look at the game and its rules, check out the Rules Girl for her 4-minute how-to-play.

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