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What’s new with us?

Wow – the last two months have been busy! First, thank you for support, ideas and feedback.

Along with a little gaming, most of our time has been sourcing and adding games, plus building our newest collections - Nostalgia, full of classic board games and Glamping, full of games perfect for a glamping trip or to take to the cottage. Watch for a full review of our glamping collection on the blog soon.

If you're looking for what's new and restocked you can find new arrivals posted regularly on our Facebook page. Over the summer we’re most excited to expand and play games from our Elementary Age family collection full of easy to learn and quick to play games. We also recently launched our Youtube channel with a short unboxing video of Guild Ball: Kick Off! A new Miniatures game Scott will be playing and painting!

A few of you have asked us about local pick up – so we’re now offering it if you’re in Toronto - and it means you get to meet us!

We love to hear from you in our social feeds too. We're so grateful to all our fans for following us and together we hit some amazing milestones. Just recently we crossed the 500 Twitter, 250 Instagram and 100 Facebook follower marks!


So what have we been playing?

Machi Koro – the card and dice based city building game from IDW. We’ve had it on a table a number of times with new players. It’s easy to learn, quick to play and the card artwork keeps the game light and fun. Winning is part luck with the randomness of the dice. Once you’ve played it, your own card strategy emerges to help mitigate the randomness. We’re planning to try out the 10 card variant rule too. We heard you can make it even more dynamic by playing this rule from the Harbour expansion (you don’t need the expansion, just apply the rule to your setup pf the game). If you’ve got Machi Koro, here are the Harbor Rules.

Playing Machi Koro #yourgamingsidekick #ironbeangames

Up next as our tabletop regular is A Game of Thrones the card game. We'll share our thoughts and lots of pics in the next few weeks.


Have a great long weekend and Happy Canada Day!




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