The Quest Kids (Deluxe with Campaign Expansion)

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Your child's first dungeon crawler experience awaits! Quest Kids is a fantasy themed adventure game for kids age 5 and up Players explore the magical Tolk's Cave to find treasure, scare away monsters and discover magical items, all while helping their fellow Quest Kids along the way. 


  • Number of Players: 2-4
  • Gaming Time: 30 mins
  • Suggested Age: 5+
  • Complexity to Learn/Play: Easy


    In The Quest Kids, players explore a vast dungeon, turning over tiles to reveal treasure or monsters. Players can earn stars from treasure, scaring away monstres or special items such as Tolk Gems. When a player finds a monster, they use ability cards collected while exploring to scare that monster away.Players can even share an ability cards with another player to earn a Kind Kid card and maybe some bonus treasure! Once the dungeon has been fully explored, players total up the stars they earned.

    Featuring kid-friendly fantasy art, simple rules that allow for independent play by young gamers, and a campaign mode that slowly escalates in complexity, The Quest Kids is the perfect introduction to board games for the little dungeon crawler in every family.

    The game is based on the new fantasy-themed Quest Kids series on YouTube.


    The Trials of Tolk to Wise - Campaign Adventure. 

    In The Trials of Tolk the Wise a mysterious note found at the bottom of an ancient treasure chest sends The Quest Kids on an exciting adventure inside the magical cave of Tolk the Wise.

    There are 5 unique quests included with The Trials of Tolk the Wise campaign that tell an ongoing story and introduce new mechanics to young players. During the campaign players will open sealed envelopes and discover new cards for the game.


    What's in the box: The Quest Kids including the Trials of Tolk the Wise Expansion:

    Base Game

    • 4 Heroes
    • 4 Player Boards
    • 6 gems
    • 42 Dungeon Tile cards
    • 60 Ability cards
    • 20 Health cards
    • 24 Kind Kid cards
    • 11 Quest Cards 
    • 1 rulebook

    The Trials of Tolk the Wise  (Campaign Adventure Expansion)

    • 3 sealed envelopes (new Hero abilities, new Ally cards)
    • 54 Dungeon Tiles
    • 4 Ally cards
    • 57 Campaign cards
    • 8 Hero cards
    • 20 Hero and Ally Token cards

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