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Aristeia! HEXX3R ‘Nomad Witch’

  • $17.95

"After the commotion caused by the leaked Maximus photos, the static big man - scarcely dressed for the shooting of his successful film Thermopylae, I couldn’t resist. I think I also deserve my very own change of attire ! I don’t mean that they dress me like a doll, as they did with Parvati! No offense, dear... but that's not my style." - Hexx3r

With this release, Corvus Belli introduces you to the alternate version of one of the most charismatic characters of the Aristeia! CoreBox: Hexx3r. For the first time, this new skin doesn’t hide any hidden background information, instead it’s a miniature that Corvus Belli wanted to develop as an approach to genre they love: fantasy.



1x HEXX3R ‘Nomad Witch’ Miniature (unpainted, unassembled)
1x Initiative card
1x Charcter Card

This is not a standalone product. A copy of Aristeia! Core Game is required to play.