Catan: Seafarers (Fifth Edition)



3-4 players     10+     60-90 min.     Expansion game

Catan: Seafarers introduces new terrain tiles, more sea tiles and wooden ships! This new dynamic creates new ways to play and gain victory points.

In Catan: Seafarers you can now build shipping lanes, which are like roads. These allow you to path to islands off the main island of Catan to further develop cities and acquire resources. Two new gold filed tiles and a pirate ship have been added to introduce new challenges and rewards. Catan: Seafarers setup is an extension of the main game with tiles also placed randomly. 

Seafarers is an expansion that requires Catan to play. This expansion can also be combined with the Traders & Barbarians or Cities and Knights expansions. This is the Mayfair version which should only be used with Mayfair versions of the main game. Use with the German (Kosmos) version would require an adapter kit.