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Dino Party

  • $28.99

2-6 players     6+     15-20 min.

Dino Party is a hilariously fun kids and family game! The game includes 60 wooden dinosaur meeples of 6 species. Winner of the JamFlip Funniest Game Award!

In Dino Party, each player adopts a species of dinosaur and attempts to save it from certain destruction. Take control of this species and THROW YOUR DINOMEEPLES into protected areas to prevent them from going extent, and make your herd prosper. 

Land them in the fields or caves, and you'll have some happy dinos. Land them in the jungles or the ocean, and that may be the last you see of them. At the end of four rounds, the player who manages to save or create the most dinosaurs wins!

But be careful: each round the landscape can change and you can play action cards that cause everyone to have to throw a specific way (like with one eye closed or their elbows tucked in!)