Dragon Slayer

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2-5 players     14+     15 min.

Kill the Dragon. Call Out your friends. Become the Master Slayer. Dragon Slayer is a fast paced dice game with a twist.

You are the world's most fearless dragon hunters, competing to be crowned master slayer. Your brave warrior must search far and wide for these ferocious beasts, defend yourself against attacks and be ever ready to strike them down. Even in victory your companions may challenge your courage, demanding that you prove your valor with foolhardy audacity or cower in their mocking taunts.

Each turn you'll take chances and press your luck to find and defeat as many dragons as you can. But when you decide to end your turn, everyone else gets a chance to challenge you to continue. Accept their challenge and you can score big - walk away and you'll leave most of your points on the table!


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