the Iron Bean tl:dr - Hellapagos is a great little co-op game that turns competitive as you play. Great for a big group to dive in quick and have some laughs. While also playing short enough to get in a few rounds. Which is perfect since you might want to try again using a different strategy after your first play! It easily plays well with a family or gaming group!

BoardGameGeek.com Rating 6.7
Players 3-12
Age 10+
Playing Time 20-30 mins




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from the publisher - 

Your group of survisors washed up on Hellapagos, a desert island where resources are very scarce. Your only way to escape is to work together and build a raft. But time is short as a hurricane is approaching rapidly! What will you do? You could fish for food and help the community survive. Should you venture in the jungle, brave snakes and gather wood to build the raft? Rain is finally falling today though, and is not going to collect itself. Or...you could swim to the wreckage's cargo, and hide your precious findings to yourself? As days go by, Hellapagos will get the best of your group and tyrn friends into enemies. Diplomacy, wit and skullduggery are all fair game if you are to survive on this unforgiving adventure.

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