Kids Scavenger Hunt

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Kids Scavenger Hunt is an active play game for indoors or outdoors.  Play rain or shine! Kids actively seek objects based on the cards in their hand.  The first team to collect all the clues is crowned the winner


  • Publisher: Outset Media
  • Number of Players: 2+
  • Gaming Time: 10 mins+
  • Suggested Age: 6+
  • BoardGameGeek Rating: N/A
  • Board Game Atlas Listing: N/A
  • Complexity (BGG Weight): N/A

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    Kids Scavenger Hunt is an active play game for indoors or outdoors. The game comes with a deck of indoor cards and outdoor cards to find objects. The decks can also be mixed to play both indoor and outdoor. The standard rules are to assign everyone 10 cards and the first to find 6 of their 10 items wins. The game can easily scale to play with more or less cards, or team play.



    • 1 deck of indoor cards (96 cards)
    • 1 deck of outdoor cards (96 cards)
    • Instruction sheet

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