Magic The Gathering – Arena of the Planeswalkers

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2-5 players     10+     60 min.

In the Magic: The Gathering – Arena of the Planeswalkers, players customize the battlefield by designing the map then placing terrain and powerful glyphs. Cast devastating spells, summon powerful squads, and tap into your unique Planeswalker abilities to defeat your opponents. Be the last Planeswalker standing to win!

Arena of the Planeswalkers (AOP) is a miniatures-based war game where you summon dangerous creatures and cast powerful spells to defeat your opponents. You play as an iconic Planeswalker seeking to destroy the enemy Planeswalkers across a variety of battlefields with a multitude of objectives. The battlefield layout itself determines which areas are valuable and which will quickly become hotly contested. You'll even see some familiar mechanics from Magic: The Gathering reimagined for three dimensions, such as haste, lifelink, and flying. You need to play smart and think ahead to win in the lethal Arena of the Planeswalkers.

The game takes place on the drifting, mana-rich world of Shandalar.

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