Children of December Crew Box (Arcanists - Malifaux 2E)



Children of December is an Arcanists Box Set for Malifaux 2E, with the Master Rasputina, containing six 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality Plastic, Stat Cards and six Upgrade Cards. A great starter box if you're just discovering Malifaux or already playing and want to try out the Arcanists faction. Don't forget to pick up a new Fate Deck too!

Rasputina’s box comes with six models, including Rasputina herself. The Ice Golem is her primary enforcer, and very little is capable of capable of stopping the frozen giant once it gets going. Her Ice Gamin minions are smaller version of the Golem, and they provide the ranged attacks and numbers needed to support their larger cousin. The Wendigo is Rasputina’s totem, and it brings some much appreciated speed to her otherwise tough but slow crew. 

This box contains:

1 Rasputina model
1 Ice Golem model
1 Wendigo model
3 Ice Gamin models
Stat Cards
6 Upgrade Cards
- Shattered Heart
- Child of December
- Cold Nights
- December's Pawn
- 2 Armor of December
- Sub Zero

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