Mother of Monsters Crew Box (Neverborn - Malifaux 2E)

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Mother of Monsters is a Neverborn Box Set for Malifaux 2E, with Master Lilith, containing six 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality plastic, Stat Cards and six Upgrade Cards. A great starter box if you're just discovering Malifaux or already playing and want to try out the Neverborn faction. Don't forget to pick up a new Fate Deck too! 

Lilith’s box comes with six models, including Lilith herself. Her henchman Barbaros is a deadly warrior capable of moving quickly while taunting his enemies, allowing Lilith’s diminutive Terror Tots to safely sprint forward and claim her objectives. Her totem, the Malifaux Cherub, floats above the battle, raining down arrows that confuse and befuddle its prey. 

This box contains:

1 Lilith model
1 Barbaros model
1 Malifaux Cherub model
3 Terror Tots models
Stat Cards
6 Upgrade Cards
- Living Blade
- Wicked Mistress
- Summon the Blood
- Beckon Malifaux
- Nephilim Gladiatus
- Obsidian Talons

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