The Thunder Crew Box (Ten Thunders - Malifaux 2E)



The Thunder is an Outcast/Ten Thunders Box Set for Malifaux 2E, with the Master Misaki, containing six 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality Plastic, Stat Cards and six Upgrade Cards. A great starter box if you're just discovering Malifaux or already playing and want to try out the Ten Thunders or Outcast factions. Don't forget to pick up a new Fate Deck too!

Misaki’s box comes with six models, including Misaki herself. The fearsome Ototo is her henchman, and his massive tetsubo means a sudden end her his lady’s enemies. The mystical Shang bounds along behind Misaki as she backflips into combat, healing her even as it brings her crew good fortune. Rounding out the crew are the Torakage, trained assassins who are as quick and deadly as one would expect of any ninja. 

This box contains:

1 Misaki model
1 Ototo model
1 Shang model
3 Torakage models
Stat Cards
6 Upgrade Cards
- Cutpurse
- Untouchable
- Stalking Bisento
- Disguise
- Call the Thunder
- Smoke and Shadows

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