Penny Papers Adventures: Valley of Wiraqocha



the Iron Bean tl:dr - Penny Papers Adventures is a great series of games for kids. They are easy to learn and play either on your own or with friends. They  engage kids attention and are sized well to play at home or take with you! Each game in the series is designed to challenge a specific age, and still enjoyable by all. The game comes with 100 sheets so the fun can last a while! Rating 6.8
Players 1-99
Age 9+
Playing Time 20 mins




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from the publisher - 

Penny Papers Adventures is a series of small strategy games in which all of the players use the same result of three dice to explore a location more thoroughly than their opponents by writing numbers in their grid in an optimal way to make the most victory points out of it. Challenge your ability to manage space, and wisely use the special effects of the dice. Oh, and don't miss an opportunity to mess up your opponents' grids when dangers appear! The number of players is unlimited as everyone plays at the same time!

How well can you map your surroundings in The Valley of Wiraqocha? Between forests and mountains, discover the remains of ancient civilizations — cities, pyramids, buildings — while neutralizing lurking snakes.


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