Pocket Imperium + Prosperity Expansion Set

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2-4 players     12+     30-45 min.


the Iron Bean tl;drPocket Imperium is a great introduction to 4x style board games; or a great quickly or travel game for those who already like this type of game. At 45 minutes a game it is quick for this style.

It is quick to setup and easy to learn, yet offers a lot of depth in how players have to outthink and out maneuver each other to score points. Players select action cards each round and play them simultaneous. How much benefit you get from a card depends on how many other players selected it. These actions ultimately lead to combat. At the end of each round players score points. The game ending after a set number of rounds and the highest point total winning.

Pocket Imperium’s modular board with double-sided tiles and the Prosperity expansion add a lot of replayability to the game. It plays best with 3 or 4 players.


From the Publisher - Ludicreations

During a game of Pocket Imperium 2-4 players will Expand (get more ships), Explore (move fleets) and Exterminate (conquer planets). At the end of each round, they will Exploit (sustain their fleets) and earn points.

Timing is everything, as the choices that each player makes has consequences! If more than one neighboring player chooses the same action, then they both have to make do with less.

A further layer of gameplay rests on the way players move their fleets on the map. The constantly changing power dynamics lead to temporary alliances – which may have unintended consequences, as players seek an edge.

Finally, choosing what sectors of space to receive points from is yet another strategic choice. Combined with the constant struggle to control (or deny the control of) Tri-Prime, which gives an often-significant bonus, players must choose wisely where they draw their points from.

Pocket Imperium: Prosperity adds yet another layer of strategy to Pocket Imperium’s minimalist gameplay. You must now guide your star empire to take advantage of changing new opportunities appearing across the galaxy. Each card will also reward players with additional actions, depending on if they played a command card at a certain time in their turn, representing certain actions being more efficient due to market conditions.


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