Quacks of Quedlinburg



In The Quacks of Quedlinburg, players are charlatans — or quack doctors — each making their own secret brew by adding ingredients one at a time. Take care with what you add, though, for a pinch too much of this or that will spoil the whole mixture!

  • Publisher: North Star Games, Schmidt
  • Number of Players: 2-4
  • Gaming Time: 45 mins
  • Suggested Age: 10+
  • BoardGameGeek Rating: 7.8
  • Complexity (BGG Weight): 1.96/5

  • Welcome to Quedlinburg, where the best quack doctors gather to brew potions to cure smelly feet, homesickness, and hiccups. You're one of them. Your challenge is to make a special brew that will make you the best miracle doctor in the land.

    The Quacks of Quedlinburg is a fun, quick push-your-luck game where you draw from your stock of ingredients, adding them to your cauldron, until your brew seems just right. But be careful: add the wrong ingredient and the potion could spoil. Do you stop early to raise your chance of making a better potion later, or risk a setback to reach for more money and fame now? Finding the right balance between risk and reward is key.



    • 4 Player Boards
    • 1 Scoring Track
    • 215 Ingredient Chips + 3 Replacement Chips
    • 12 Ingredient Books (1 Black and 1 Orange, 2 of Each Other Color)
    • 1 Flame Token
    • 1 Bonus Die
    • 8 Droplets
    • 4 Scoring Markers
    • 4 Rat Stones
    • 4 Flasks
    • 4 Seals
    • 4 Bags
    • 24 Fortune Teller Cards
    • 20 Rubies
    • 1 Rulebook
    • 1 Almanac

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