V-Sabotage Secret Weapons (Expansion - formerly V-Commandos)

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1-6 players     14+     30-180+ min.

Isolated in hostile territories, strike at the very heart of enemy facilities and sabotage their most strategic secret projects.  

Be the stealthiest heroes of World War 2. Appear like shadows behind enemy lines and carry on outstanding operations to undermine the adversary. Make good use of the commandos’ best weapons: stealth, speed of action and self-control.

V-Sabotage: Secret Weapons is an expansion to the base game which adds the following features.

  • 13 new terrains (using 15 new tiles) and 5 operations involving up to 6 commandos (increases player count)
  • 3 new characters with unique abilities: the Gunner, the Intel Officer and the Butcher.
  • 18 new events to face
  • Remotely destroy your targets using the powerful Panzerfaust and remain stealthy thanks to the smoke grenade
  • Fight elite paratroopers and avoid the Goliath mini tanks.

V-Sabotage is a Canadian designed game, fully bilingual English - French.

V-Sabotage: Secret Weapons is not a standalone game. it requires a copy of the V-Sabotage Core Game to play.

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