Vast - The Fearsome Foes



1-5 players     10+     60-90 min.      Expansion

 Enter the world of Vast: The Crystal Caverns

Vast takes you and your friends into the torch light of a classic cave-crawling adventure, built on the concept of total asymmetry. Gone are days of the merry band of travelers fighting off evil. In Vast, you will become part of a new legend… Any part you wish!

This pack provides three new, interesting roles catering to all play styles, whether you want to deepen your solo play experience or expand on your game to play with up to seven players!

Three new roles:
1. Ghost - Reclaim the remnants of your mortal life by using your telekinetic powers to manipulate objects or even possess other players to do your bidding.
2. Ghoul - Corrupted and evil, living only to hunt. You relentlessly stalk and terrorize other players, growing stronger with each battle.
3. Nightmare Unicorn - Use your fearsome horn and magic to bring down the cave on those still inside. Or you can add the Shadow Unicorn as a non-player role, adding even more danger to your solo or multiplayer game.


  • 3 minis
  • 3 wooden meeples
  • 3 sets of cards
  • 3 double-sided player mats

This is not a standalone product. A copy of Vast: The Crystal Caverns core game is required to play.

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