Is Black Friday your gateway to busy weekends?

It definitely is for me. Not just because of all the holiday shopping. I'm a huge football fan.  Who loves turkey. So I take the day off work and pull the kids from school. We just veg, snack and play, while of course watching all the Thanksgiving Day games. It does also offer some great time for gaming. I finally cleared a workshop table to bust out my new Guild Ball minis and start painting. I also finally bought primer and paints! More on that come.

The couple of days off also gives me a little time to write. I’m sure your inbox this morning exploded with sales messages and your social feed go bombarded with discount codes. Mine did. And if you’re subscribed to our newsletter (thank you), I sent you one too!

It can get to be a lot when you’re looking for a great gift, something hard to find or a great deal. So rather than have you worry about keeping a bunch of emails handy, I collected everything we want to share about Iron Bean Game’s Black Friday Weekend here.


Let's start with the deals

Pretty much the whole store is on sale and will be until Monday night (11pm Eastern). That's 175 board games, role playing games and miniatures! The sale price is listed on the game, plain and simple. Our deals range from about 5-10% off our everyday low retail price. 

Black Friday bonus deals - no codes required - just check our Black Friday - Cyber Monday features collection

  • Magic Maze at $31
  • Zombicide at $73
  • Unique sets such Vikings Gone Wild and Hero Realms with Card Sleeves
  • Bundles with Codenames and Race for the Galaxy
  • Start playing Tales of Equestria RPG or Savage Worlds paired with a 7pc Dice set
  • Infinity and Warmachines are priced to clear
  • Special pricing on all Living Card Games (Android Netrunner, Star Wars and Game of Thrones)

We are also participating in Small Business Saturday. If you’re local to Toronto and choose the local pickup option at checkout you can save an additional 5%. We did have to create a code for that – IBG17SMBSAT **. And you can arrange pick up for a convenient time, it doesn’t have to be on Saturday.


We have a great contest for you win a game too - Spoils of War! Enter the contest here.  


Our new Holiday Game Collections are also gift guides!

While I love customers who browse and ask questions about our games, going through the full collection isn’t for everyone. I crafted a couple of new collections based on who you might be playing with or buying for to give you ideas and highlight some of the best games available right now.

The Holiday Casual Game Night collection highlights great games any group will enjoy. Easy to learn, wonderful themes with fantastic art. Replayable for veteran gamers and really accessible for new or casual players. Plus they all play in about an hour or less. 

The Holiday Family and Kids Favorites collection highlights really fun to play games for families with young kids (6+) into teens. With a healthy mix of co-operation and competition these games are will keep everyone at the table engaged. They can all play in about 30 minutes or less. And you might just get some laughs too. We added KinderPerfect as a great game for parents to unwind with too.

Our Holiday Two Player Game collection is meant to share games that offer captivating play with two, even if they are designed to play with up to 4 or more. As board game gift ideas we selected a range of theme, play style and size to choose from.

This time of year I often get asked about great ideas for Stocking Stuffers or games to give as thank you gifts. So many amazing games do come in small boxes. These games are my go to for quick games on a busy night around a young family. This is a collection I keep posted all the time as our Small Shelf Games Under $30.

The Iron Hot List are some of my absolute favorites games. When GKR comes in you’ll see the Instagram photos of me playing it! These are big, meaty, table filling games, ideally for gaming groups and hardcore gamers. I’d allow two hours or more to play them, with an extra hour just for setup and walking through the rules.


If you’re looking for other recommendations for gifts or have questions about our games and deals, message us on Facebook (use the handy little blue button on the right). If you’ve got suggestions for any of our collections, please leave us a comment down below!

We'd also love to hear what games you're most excited about this holiday season.

Happy Gaming!





** The additional 5% with IBG17SMBSAT is only available to customers who choose local pick up when shopping on Saturday November 25th. If the code appears on orders that require shipping, those orders will be held to resolve local pickup or settle the balance for shipping.


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