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Over the last few years board games have seen an amazing growth in the depth of title and styles available. Some of this stems from wanting to disconnect from the pervasive screens in our lives. It is also catalyzed by the accessibility of crowdfunding such as Kickstarter.

That's what got us so excited about sharing games with you!

We grew up playing Clue, Monopoly and Risk. Now young gamers can get introduced with junior versions of new classics like Catan, or easy to pick up games like Love Letter and Machi Koro.

Seasoned gamers and those getting back into it have access to an ever growing library of more imaginative games, games that introduce new mechanics and games that begin to blend genres.

Games like Arcadia Quest and Cry Havoc that introduce armies of miniatures onto the board. The play style and feel can be like a board game, with the experience of a miniature game. Players looking to make their experience truly unique can customize and paint the miniatures too, just as if they came out of a Warmachines or Guild Ball box.

It's not just board games that are evolving in this way. Fantasy Flight Games created a category - the Living Card Game with games such as Netrunner and Star Wars the card game. These are games with a base set and numerous expansion and add-on packs, just like other mainstream collectible or trading card games. With one key differentiator. Rather than buying blind packs to expand your deck or game, each pack is a fully contained universal expansion. Everyone who picks it up gets exactly the same cards. In this way, the collectible card game is transforming into a perfect blend of collectible card game and board game.

Our collections have been crafted with this feeling. We want to look at the game experience you're looking for, from great two players games that are easy to pick up, to deeply engaging board games with miniatures to games of nostalgia you want to share.

We plan to keep growing and evolving these collections and would love your input. Let us know your amazing idea for a collection and what games you'd like to see in ours. Comment below or send us a note directly. scott@ironbeangames.com



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