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I'm really excited to our share our Small Shelf Collection with you. This was one of the first collections we put together, built off a few games that hit our tabletop regularly. The collection centers on two key aspects - games that actually fit on small shelves and games under $25.



We wanted to create a really fun entry point for everyone to build a great collection. These games range from quick (about 15 minutes) 2 player games to 4 or 5 player games that make evening get-togethers great. 



The collection includes games everyone should own such as Clue, Codenames and Bohnanza and some great new games from the last few years. Here are a few highlights:



Love Letter is one of the games we pull out regularly. It's really quick to play while offering a ton of competitive fun and some light strategy.  The game includes just 16 cards, all characters in a love story for the Princess' hand. Each turn you pick up a card and have to discard a card. All the characters have actions that occur on discard, sometimes to your benefit sometimes not. Play them wisely as you want to be left with the highest ranked card when all the cards are played. 



Bohnanza is another that gets played regularly for us. In Bohnanza players act as bean farmers. You build a hand of bean cards, planting matches and collecting sets for gold. With playability by 2 to 7 players, it’s a great evening or party game that's easy and engaging for non-gamers. Bohnanza involves trading and planning, so we find it brings seasoned gamers back wanting to try new strategies of planting. Some beans only take a few cards to plant and reap big rewards while others can require up to 10 cards to maximize your harvest. The trick is that the numbers of cards available to players matches - beans that need 10 plus for the top set might have 20+ in the game, while the others only have a handful.



Hero Realms is an amazing choice for fans of fantasy like the Lord of the Rings and gamers looking for a great deck building game without going deep into Magic: The Gathering.  Its quick paced to play in under 30 minutes offering trading card game style combat and deck building. Each player acts as a hero with a starting deck of equipment, and gold. Throughout the game players acquire gold which can be spent at the market to acquire equipment, resources, actions and allies; which you then use to earn more gold and defeat the other players. Hero Realms also has 5 specific class add-on packs so you can change your game to play as a Wizard, Thief, Cleric, Ranger or Fighter.



There's so much more we could share about our Small Shelf Collection. Check it out for all the other great games included and let us via email or the comments below if you have a recommendation to add!









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