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Summer is fast approaching. Warm evenings, later sunsets and inviting patios are hallmark traits of summer. They also create great opportunities for a game night! To celebrate the season we'll introduce some new collections in June. We'd love your feedback on games to include and even ideas on other collections we should consider. 

Here are our current working ideas. Share yours with us in the comments below!

The Glamping Collection - Games that are easily portable for a weekend away and easily accessible for any level of gamer. Ideas include Anomia, Codenames, Race for the Galaxy, Warehouse 51, maybe Catan?

The Nostalgia Collection - Games everyone knows and loves, Games played at lots of family tables and tucked away with love to be rediscovered. Ideas include Clue, Game of Life, Candyland, Snake and Ladders and Risk.

The Artistic Collection - Visually stunning games where boards and cards are works of art. Ideas include Lotus, Honshu, Kana Gawa and Lanterns

Let us know what other games we should add to these, or your great idea for another collection!



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