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 It's March 4th! While my kids did ask to watch Star Wars for the first time, don't get today confused with May the 4th (Star Wars Day). Today is GM's Day (or Game Master's Day, or Dungeon Master's Day). A day to celebrate the amazing storytellers that bring role playing games to life.


Who is a Game Master or Dungeon Master? If you play a tabletop or pen and paper RPG, you know who yours is and should thank them today. For those who don't - think Mike from Stranger Things. Mike created the story his friends were playing as well as the maps and demigorgon they encountered, then guided them through it.


How did GM day start? GM day started in 2002 as a simple message board post by an EN World member Spunkrat. The core idea was to foster a deeper appreciation by players for all the great things their GM's do. This isn't to suggest that players don't appreciate a great GM, but it can hard to show love to someone who just killed off your level 29 Hero. The date, March 4th, also remembers the anniversary of Gary Gygax's passing, the co-creator of Dungeon's & Dragons.


There are a lot of ways you could say thank you. Our suggestion - why not run a game for your GM? Try the role out yourself. There are a lot great Quickstart guides you could pick up. While you may know a setting's rules, the additional info in a Quickstart guide and tips about how to run a game can be very helpful.


Our current top Quickstart picks are:

1. The Haunting - for Call of Cthulhu 7th edition  

2. The Wild Hunt Adventure - for Savage Worlds

3. Conan or the John Carter of Mars Quickstarts from Modiphius


To all the GM's out there - THANK YOU! Thank you for all you do for the hobby, the games and your players. You engage us and entice us to go deeper into the dungeon and try that next big roll. You rock!



Happy Gaming,





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