When we weren't gaming in August, or September, or October...

...Wow, we went dark for a bit! It's obviously been a while since we posted and there's lots to share! We've been getting more into Kickstarters, Print 'n Plays; cracked open two amazing new board games; we've been looking for shows to connect with you at and planning our Black Friday - Small Business Saturday - Cyber Monday weekend. 

What's new with us

August and September were full of really fun Kickstarter board games and a few role playing games we liked. We love backing Kickstarters to help bring indie games to life. It also helps us bring you some exclusive content. A great example is one of our favorites (from the spring and landing in store soon) GKR: Heavy Hitters. The Pilot Editions are already really sought after. We've got a few copies coming. We'll share more details on soon. It's definitely one we'll be breaking open to play too! Soon you'll see our full Kickstarter Exclusives board game collection featured on the store. Our goal is to bring you at least one new featured Kickstarter a month. 

Adding the Kickstarter collection is just one of the updates we've got planned for the holiday season. Over the next few weeks you'll see updated menus and collections to more easily help you find games like the ones you love. We're putting together specific sets to help you build your collection; and we'll showcase the newest releases and award winners. Plus Guild Ball. A lot more Guild Ball. 

I finally got a bit more time with the game and tried out a few guilds with cardstock printouts from the Steamforged resources section. I've settled on the Fisherman's Guild. I hear they can be squishy in some matchups, but I like the high goal scoring potential and pitch control capability with a 2" melee. Hopefully I can start painting them this month.

So what have we been playing?

Terraforming Mars! We cracked it open as soon as it arrived in August. It became an instant favorite. If you've played or read a bunch of the reviews out there I'm sure you know what we're saying. If you haven't, here's our quick take.

terraforming mars coop solo game play board game

Terraforming Mars is a 1-5 player board game from Stronghold Games and Fryx Games. The objective - terraform the planet by raising the temperature, oxygen level and adding 9 ocean tiles. Players take on the role of corporations contracted for the work and turns are called generations. Each corporation has a base income and you both earn and expend incomes as you acquire and run projects. Finding the right balance so you can keep advancing the global parameters is just part of the challenge and fun. The game takes roughly 90 minutes to play. We love this game for so many reasons. The solo play is truly challenging and you still experience the full game play. The multiplayer has a great mix of cooperative and competitive play. The games is won by victory points, which can be acquired through terraforming actions, awards and milestones; creating different strategies to win.

We've also been playing Tokaido and Star Scrappers: Cave-In. We'll post full reviews soon.

As I mentioned we've been spending a lot of time planning our Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend. We'll share more details later this week and give you and early look at our plans. Make sure you're signed up for our newsletter (just up on the left) to get all the updates. To help get you started, check out this guide with gift ideas beyond games of some of the top deals to purchase in 2017 from dailydealscoupon.net.

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